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Apprentice CNC Machinist / Mechanical Engineer

MRNE is a Design, Development and Manufacturing company working across a number of sectors including automotive, motorsport and consumer goods. We design, develop & manufacture parts and products from one off prototypes to developing a client's idea and taking it through to manufacturing for the customer to take to market. We work across all industries including automotive, motorsport and consumer goods. The applicant will be working across a number of areas. Main duties will be running CNC mills and lathes, programming CNC mills & lathes on CAM, designing products on CAD, inspecting parts in process and in our meteorology lab with aCMM.

We appreciate that everyone learns and thinks in different ways; therefore, if you would prefer to provide your information in a different format; for example, over the phone, or you need support in completing your application please contact

Vacancy location Oak Business Park, Banbury
Working week 40 hours
Wage £12,000 per annum

We work closely with clients to develop ideas into products alongside contract machining. The applicant will be predominantly programming CNC mills and lathes in Fusion 360 and running CNC mills and lathes, setting up machines, loading material, and running programs. They will also be involved in all stages in design, manufacture, inspection, metrology and shipping. When on site your time over year will be approximately 80% machining 20% other activities. We are a small company and you'll get exposure to all areas. Rarely will one day be the same.

There are also other more routine activities, work area cleaning, machine maintenance cleaning, coolant monitoring, emptying swart into the skip, packing, loading, unloading parts, delivering and collecting parts to customers and suppliers. By no means an exhaustive list.

Training to be delivered:

  • CNC Machine Specific Training, including controls & G Code. Fusion 360 CAM & CAD.
  • Aberlink CMM Operation & Software training.
  • Any other specific training required for duties required.

Skills Required:

  • Computer Literate, ideally CAD, basic programming knowledge/understanding/experience. Word processing and spreadsheets. General IT literacy, i.e. installing software.
  • Experience in the use of hand tools.
  • Understanding or experience of hand measuring equipment. Problem solving, embracing new tasks and the challenge and learning they present.
  • Precision, consider tasks in an appropriate manner according to requirements.
  • Design, understanding/experience of the steps required in designing parts/products.

Desirable Personal Qualities:

  • Positive approach
  • Enthusiastic
  • Honest
  • Motivated
  • Sociable/Team work

Qualifications Required: 

  • GCSE's in Maths, Science & English (minimum the course requires)

Additional Information:

  • Rural Location applicants will need a method of getting to and from work reliably.
  • No bus route, cycling is possible and would be supported through a bike scheme.