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Celebrating success and progression

Mike Prior, Apprentice Trainer at OAS, talks about how we celebrate success at OAS

“Here at OAS, we are committed to helping each and every learner to be the very best they can be. We are creating the next generation of UK manufacturing talent, and we want them to deliver positive impact to their employers from the moment they arrive onsite. We provide extra support for those apprentices who need it to make sure they successfully and confidently progress, and set stretch activities and competitive projects for those who are excelling to push them to achieve even more. Everyone is encouraged to work to high standards and exceed expectations, and everyone rises to their own personal challenge.

I’ve been an OAS trainer for 18 months now, and it’s the most rewarding role I’ve ever had. I absolutely love inspiring and challenging our apprentices to be ambitious and creative, and to exceed their own expectations. We’ve got a seriously talented bunch this year and I can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with next – they’ve absolutely blown me away with the stretch projects they’ve created so far, from lightsabres and lighthouses to coloured titanium rings and Christmas trees. They’re amazing!

We are so proud of all our learners, and each month we take a moment to recognise, celebrate and reward their successes and achievements. The winners of our Apprentice of the Month Award are learners that have consistently shown great promise in a particular subject area, having demonstrated exceptional passion, progression and achievement. Our Extra Mile Award is given to learners who have gone above and beyond expectations to help their peers or the training team, or who have taken on extra duties to support an event or project.

As well as receiving vouchers, the winning apprentices are publicised in our newsletters and throughout our social media channels, and I’m delighted to announce January’s OAS winners as part of our NAW2021 celebrations. Their dedication and achievement is what an apprenticeship is all about – well done and congratulations to all of them!

Our Apprentice of the Month winners are Max Butcher and Chloe Bricknell! Max consistently exceeds expectations in class, and Chloe shows great dedication to her studies.

The Extra Mile award goes to Darren Mitchard for drawing up CAD designs to push himself, as well as helping others in his own time.”