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First look at OAS’s exciting expansion plans

Planning for the next phase of Oxfordshire Advanced Skills (OAS) is well underway, and we’re delighted to be able to share a sneak preview.

Following the fantastic success of the existing OAS training centre, which is currently run by our training partner the MTC, the UK Government is funding an exciting expansion of the training programme to increase the skills we can offer to learners and their employers.

OAS ‘Phase 3’ will cover an extra five key industrial sectors across several locations, as well as extending the available training to qualification levels 4 to 8. With a total investment in excess of £30 million, the developments will deliver even more high-quality training in some of the most strategically important sectors to the UK economy. When it is complete, OAS Phase 3 will create a further 120 technicians, engineers and scientist every year, each with the highly sought-after skills that the businesses need to drive innovation and progress.

The current OAS centre at UKAEA Culham will be extended to deliver training in the Robotics, Power Engineering and Space sectors, and discussions are also underway with potential partners for the delivery of Nuclear Design training. We’ll keep you updated as more details are confirmed.

A new facility very similar to the current OAS training centre will begin to deliver additional Level 2 and 3 basic engineering training. STEP Skills will be located close to the STEP prototype fusion power plant site which is also being developed by UKAEA. The site’s location will be decided in the next two years.

In other developments further afield, we are also talking to select partner organisations about exploring the potential for another OAS centre to deliver training in these strategic sectors outside the Oxfordshire region, extending our reach and delivering greater impact across the UK.

This is a really exciting time for the OAS programme, and we would love to hear what you think and to get your feedback on the design images for the Culham building extension – please send your questions and comments to the UKAEA Team via oasphase3@ukaea.uk.

Look out for more OAS Phase 3 updates over the coming weeks and months!