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Minister’s praise for OAS in major science policy speech

Minister for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation Chris Skidmore held up OAS as an example of excellence when he visited Culham Science Centre on 25 January.
Science Minister and OAS

Mr Skidmore was at Culham to make his first major speech on science policy since being appointed.

“Places like these are providing the skills our country needs for the future,” he said. “They are training both the next generation of researchers and apprentices for businesses across Oxfordshire and beyond.”

During his tour of the site he met OAS apprentices, and staff from partners UKAEA and AMTC, to find out more about apprentice training at Culham.

Second-year apprentice Ella Quigley said: “The minister focused on the education element with questions like whether we got the chance to interact with more senior engineers and staff (we do!) and also the pathway people take after completing an apprenticeship. He was keen to know how we found out about apprenticeship opportunities while also asking about the perception of apprenticeships in schools. It was encouraging he wanted to meet us and that he took the time to find out more about the programme.”

OAS apprentices Harry Oliver (STFC) and Kaream Pennant (Nuvia) and representatives from MTC and UKAEA are pictured with Science Minister Chris Skidmore in the control room of the MAST Upgrade fusion experiment at Culham Science Centre.