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National Inclusion Week 2020

What is National Inclusion Week?

National Inclusion Week 2020 takes place from 28 September to 4 October 2020. It was created eight years ago by Inclusive Employers, and is designed to celebrate everyday inclusion for everyone and in all its forms, across all sectors and industries. The aim of the event is to share, promote and inspire practices and cultures of active inclusion.

This year’s theme is Each One, Reach One. The theme focuses on how connecting with others helps us all to build a greater understanding about the opportunities of inclusion and connection, and to inspire individuals and organisations to make inclusion an everyday reality.

Why is National Inclusion Week important?

National Inclusion Week provides us all with a great opportunity to think about, learn and identify what we can do to be better human beings to one another. James Jackson, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) Partner to OAS, spoke about why this event is so important and relevant.

“As we’ve been approaching this important week in the ED&I calendar, I’ve been thinking about moments when I have felt truly included within various work or learning environments, and reflecting on the positive impact that inclusion had on my experience. How did it feel? Who made me feel included? What was it exactly that made me feel included? These reflections and experiences encourage me to support others to share the same feeling of belonging, particularly amongst young talent and through apprenticeships.

“Here at OAS, we are at the start of our inclusive journey. We have lots of ideas to implement to drive positive change, and to build on the great examples we already have of inclusive infrastructure and mindset. We’ve made a good start, and this increased commitment means there are plenty of exciting opportunities ahead. National Inclusion Week 2020 is a chance to really celebrate that, and for us to collectively think about what it means for the future.”

What are we doing to celebrate National Inclusion Week at OAS?

This is the first time OAS has celebrated National Inclusion Week after the training centre opened in September 2019.

We’ll be sharing videos on our social media channels throughout the week, talking to some of our training team and apprentices about what inclusion means to them, what inclusion look like at OAS, and what we can do to be more inclusive as we move forward. Keep an eye on our social media channels to see what we’ve got in store.

Our celebration of National Inclusion Week is part of our new focus on ED&I at OAS, following on from James’s appointment by UKAEA earlier this summer. Over the coming months, we’ll be recognising more key events in the ED&I calendar as we engage with stakeholders throughout our local communities through a broader programme to raise our ED&I profile, improve awareness, and increase diversity in apprenticeships.