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Seasonal cheer as OAS celebrates topping-out milestone

There was a festive atmosphere earlier this week at the construction site for the new OAS apprentice training complex at Culham Science Centre.
Topping-out ceremony

The ‘topping-out’ ceremony on Monday marked the completion of the highest point of the building.

UKAEA’s David Martin joined Emma Johnstone of AMTC, who will provide training at the new centre, to hoist a giant wreath adorned with streamers onto the steel beams.

Topping-out is a traditional practice in the construction industry, dating back centuries – it is said to have originated in Scandinavia, although others trace it all the way to the pyramids of Ancient Egypt. The meaning has changed somewhat from the days when a branch was placed on the roof to ward off evil spirits; it’s now generally an indication of a significant milestone in the construction project!

Despite recent bad weather, the team at Midas Construction continue to make good headway. The topping-out ceremony was a chance for the project partners to join Midas to toast the progress so far.

David Martin commented: “Reaching the highest point of the building is another step in the successful delivery of OAS. It is great to be working with STFC, AMTC and Midas in bringing quality skills training to Oxfordshire.”

Follow progress of the project at https://www.oas.ukaea.uk/phase-2/