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Supporting our applicants through the lockdown


Last week we caught up with our Recruitment Lead, Pam Ritchie, to find out how she has been supporting our applicants and employer partners throughout the recent lockdown to achieve some outstanding results.

Pam’s primary role is to recruit talented and motivated apprentices looking to start their careers in engineering and matching them up with employers who are currently advertising their roles on our platform. Secondary to this, Pam liaises with our recruiting employers to ensure they are happy throughout the recruitment process.

On her role throughout the lockdown so far and, understanding the uncertain situation many of our young people and applicants are currently in, Pam identified staying in touch as key:

“My background is in further education, learning and mentoring, and therefore I understand what many of our current applicants are going through. Building and maintaining relationships with our applicants throughout the recent pandemic has been essential.”

Whilst some employers have frozen recruitment in the short term, many of our partners have still been looking to the future and getting ready to bring talented apprentices into their businesses later this year.

Through her relationship with our partners and her organisation, Pam has worked tirelessly to ensure that OAS applicants have the best chance and to excellent effect:

“The results, even throughout lockdown, have been outstanding. Many of our applicants have been shortlisted for roles and are at the final interview stages. They will all be a credit to those employers should they be successful, and I am excited for their futures.

At OAS, it is about getting the best fit for our applicants and our employers. We want OAS to be a centre of excellence and I want our trainers to be excited about the calibre of apprentices walking through our doors. I want us to be the best.”