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Supporting our learners through Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic for us, like all other businesses, was something we had not experienced previously but our best-in-class team of trainers, led by OAS Delivery Manager, James Wagstaff, worked quickly to put in place the necessary support measures for all our learners.

Back in March, with lockdown a firm possibility, the team began planning to ensure our apprentices had the tools and resources to continue their learning remotely. USB’s were uploaded with all the course materials and handed to each apprentice on their final day in centre.

All learners have since received the appropriate guidance and support by trainers in the weeks under lockdown, primarily on Microsoft Teams. Each apprentice has had three scheduled calls with their trainers each week where they can ask questions and receive feedback on submitted work. Our trainers have also been available at any time and it has been excellent to see some of our apprentices planning and asking questions about future modules.

Whilst calls have been primarily on an individual basis, group sessions have also been aplenty to explain key concepts, skills or themes as well as for open Q&As and a chance to socialise with peers. To further enhance the support, we also invested in Microsoft Education an advanced piece of software and addition to the Microsoft Teams
application, that has allowed us to create virtual classrooms for our learners to work collaboratively on tasks.

Throughout the lockdown period we have also been recording all contact with our learners to share with all our employer partners so they remain up to date with the progress of their learners and are able to see the support that that we have been providing.

On the last few months, James said: “We’re very proud of the way we have approached the lockdown period, but even more impressed with our learners. They have been committed to completing assignments and remained on track throughout.”