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Level 6 Apprenticeships

Take your career to the next level with one of our degree apprenticeships in partnership with BPP.

The UK’s skills is slowing the adoption of game-changing technology within the manufacturing and engineering sectors. Through our partnership with MTC Apprenticeships and our new relationship with BPP, we’re building a ‘step on, step off’ pathway to support your career at every stage and take it to the next level.

Forging partnerships with like-minded industry-leading experts means we can offer you, the learner, all the advanced manufacturing training that you require to lead a successful manufacturing career including level 6 degree apprenticeships.

To find out more information about our Level 6 apprenticeships with BPP complete the form and a member of the team will be in touch.



Like OAS, BPP is an innovative training provider with unique skills offer delivered by trainers and coaches with practical industry experience. Like us, their sector experts, thought-leading research, and relationships with clients and industry bodies help them to identify relevant skills and training that deliver real value to learners.

BPP’s expertise aligns to the five themes of future focus identified at the Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre (AMTC) in Coventry and Oxfordshire Advanced Skills (OAS) in Abingdon: Power Engineering, Space, Robotics and AI, Nuclear Design, and Energy Storage. 

With Data, Digital, Technology and Infrastructure programmes at Levels 3 to 7, their transformative programmes will help you to develop and prepare for an ever-changing technology landscape.


Delivery: Online (Live) | Duration: 30 Months | Cost: Levy Funded

This programme offers a solid foundation for professionals in software engineering, data science, cyber security and IT consultancy roles.

One of the primary drivers behind this programme was to create a new generation of technology talent who could become confident professionals with the ability to operate across a range of technical roles. This helps to add value and further expertise within your organisation.


Delivery: Online (Live) | Duration: 36 Months | Cost: Levy Funded

This programme is aimed at individuals who are inquisitive and strategic thinkers looking to gain a solid understanding of data science concepts and techniques.

Your employees will benefit from learning the technical skills such as programming, big data, advanced analytics, AI, machine learning and robotic process automation, from experienced industry tutors who have previous track record in working with complex data architectures and projects.